When the weather gets really cold, and temperatures hit sub-zero, we all look forward to relaxing in our warm, cozy homes. But sometimes, things go wrong, and we need a trained and experienced professional to help restore the heating equipment to optimal functioning. Whether you're looking to install new equipment or repair an existing one, you need the services of a top-notch heating company. Don't know what to look for? Here are some tips to help.

Vast knowledge and experience

Technology is always advancing. A heating company that will deliver a quality job must be updated on the most modern units for your needs and innovative solutions to solve heating problems. Their technicians must be able to service existing systems and optimize new installations accurately.

Plus, experience counts too. The longer a heating service technician has spent installing and repairing heating equipment, the more likely they'd be able to meet your needs. Ask if they have relevant experience with your system.

Insurance and licensing

A top-notch heating company will ensure its technicians have the required license to work. A license indicates that the technicians have undergone training and can demonstrate knowledge and efficiency. You can ask for copies of their current licenses.

Always check to ensure that their technicians have the right insurance. Much like other types of work, there are risks associated with installing and servicing heating equipment. It's also important to inquire about their insurance as this will protect you in case of an injury or accidental damage.

Offline and online reputation

Nearly every heating company will brag about their quality of services, but only their customers can tell whether or not they're impressive. You can ask them to provide you with references of people they've worked for so you can call them to know if they're happy.

With everything digital today, you can also check online reviews about the company. Google Reviews, Facebook Recommendations, Yelp, and Angie's List are some online places to look. What do their customers have to say about their services, and how polite are their responses? This can give you a clue into how the company takes pride in customer satisfaction.

Home evaluation and upfront estimates

A good heating company will be willing to visit your home first to assess the situation before they can be sure about what needs to be repaired or replaced. If a heating service provider gives you a quote without evaluating your home, it's a red flag.

Additionally, the company should provide you with an upfront estimate right after inspecting your heating equipment. This will usually come in a written, itemized format, so there will be no surprises when the job is done.

Quality Guarantee

One thing that sets a heating company apart from the competition is that they provide a quality guarantee on their work. If at any point you're unsatisfied with their service, a good heating company will be happy to send a fully trained technician to ensure that it's done correctly and up to the required standards.


You can use the above tips for any heating system installation or emergency to find a reliable heating company. If you reside on Rhodes Island, Kwik Plumbing is a heating company you can count on. Call our experienced team today!