These Are Best Vaporisers You Can Find!

There are almost 100 websites today that has started selling vaporisers online from different famous companies who specialise in providing the vaporisers of the best quality. These vape pens not only come in different shapes and sizes but also in different types, and that is why there is a tough competition between several companies for the top spots. Among so many companies developing and selling vape pens, we are going to talk about the vape pens by SMOK which is our personal favourite for various reasons.

More About SMOK

If you are new to the field of vaping then you probably would want to know more about one of the top vaping companies in the world. SMOK is a Shenzen-based vaping company that was quick to occupy one of the top spots in the list of the best vaping companies. It was founded in 2010 and quickly gained popularity because of the high-quality designs and ingredients used in the vaping material. During its initial days, SMOK was a brand that was famous for introducing the first ever dual-coil customizer to the world of vaping. This new innovation quickly gained speed and reached the millions of people around the globe, and that is why it is known to be as the most forward-thinking companies in this field in the world.

More Variety Than Ever Before!

The design and development team working at SMOK have been able to develop so many different kinds of vaporisers and vaping materials because of which it has become one of our personal favourites. Let us take a look at some of the products created and sold by SMOK.

1. Stick 80W kit has a maximum power of 80watts which combines a built-in 2800 mAh battery and a very formidable TF tank thus giving it a very beautiful flavour and cloud. The tank combines with two mesh coils that are designed specifically for the stick series. The stick series vape pens even keep a check on the safety as it has a button on it when you dial it, it becomes more leap proof and also childproof. The stick series vaporisers come in 6 different colours and you can choose from them to find your favourite vape pen today!

2. The next but absolutely the topmost vape pen series is the TFV series that had stopped coming out but has finally returned. The new king TFV16 tank will hopefully be making it available to the world very soon. This advanced vape pen is equipped with two new mesh coils for giving you the best flavour and the maximum vapour you could get from almost any vape pen. It adopts a gigantic bulb Pyrex glass tube TFV16 that enlarges the e-juice capacity to an unprecedented 9ml. It makes use of a sealed top which also has a refill system and an adjustable dual slotted airflow bottom that produces the massive vapour. It can effectively avoid leakage problem in a similar way like the Stick series. This also comes in 6 different colours.