Ultima Online had seen some of its darkest days back in 2018 where the player based was extremely small. However, things have picked up since then and so has the demand for UO gold. The way the game is currently configured is to deflate gold as much as possible. Gold is no longer an easy to access thing, sure you get it off monsters but at an acceptable to rate to make it worth it.

When people farm they end up looking to kill things for the item drops so they can sell them for gold. The economy of this game forces people to trade for existing gold rather than farm it from corpses from Ultima Online monsters. When purchasing items you will notice how some things are up over 200 million gold.

To remedy the situation people now offer gold to be delivered to you in-game from sites like UO King. Their gold and the platinum page has different amounts of Gold that players can order to be sent to them. Players have a positive outlook on these types of trades because with a low player base it becomes increasingly difficult to find gold and items that you need or want.

Once the number of players in Ultima Online increased to the point where players are able to once again offer these items and gold themselves there will be a need for stores like UO King. As the game is releasing new content and making use of dead skills like remove trap the player base continues to grow. UO has always been one of the best MMO's ever created. No one has ever matched them in housing customization, speed of PVP, and many more things.

Key ways players have begun to get those items that arent being farmed anymore is by looting falling houses. When a player no longer plays their house begins to decay after a while eventually spilling all of the player's house items to fall to the ground letting anyone loot it. From this, items that are extremely old and haven't been seen in over 10 years end up in peoples backpacks after taking the fallen items. If the person who quit was a collector of rares, it's likely his house will be filled with rare items as well. Many bring pack horses to such an event so that they are able to carry a lot more than what a single character can hold. This allows players the opportunity to make more UO gold from selling all the items.