Kush Marijuana is a type of Cannabis primarily found in the Hindu Kush Mountain range of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. These products are used for Medicine as well as relaxing purposes. Kush is a specific term for the products of Cannabis from the Hindu Kush region, although, in some parts of the World, it is usually used as a word to describe Marijuana. Kush Marijuana originates from Landrace plants found in Northern Pakistan areas, Afghanistan Region and NorthWestern India. All the seeds should be feminized, which means they are extracted from female plants. The benefit of these Kush seeds is that they are selfpollinated and do not need male chromosomes is existing in them. Kush Seeds entered the US soil in the late 1970s , and still, people of the USA are using them. It has different types of plants with various flavours, odours and benefits.

Here are the most common used Kush Marijuana Seeds;

1. OG Kush Seeds

It is challenging to grow, but its benefit exceeds every struggle. It reaches the flowering stage in 8 weeks. The fully protected and precisely grown plants can give up to 500 grams of Marijuana. OG Kush brings the effect of physical and mental highness. It releases stress, removes joint pain, makes you able to fight men tal disorders.

2. Bubba Kush Seeds

These seeds bring short and bushy plants. It reaches its flowering stage within 79 weeks of sowing seeds. The product of Bubba Kush has the excellent quality, and its weight is less than OG Kush. It brings soothing, relaxin g, resolve chronic pain issues. It can be grown outdoor and indoor.

3. Purple Kush Seeds

It was prepared by a combination of Afghani Purple and Classic Hindu Kush. Its plant has a beautiful appearance, fruity flavour and earthy scent. It releases anxiety and stress and brings happiness to you. The plant reaches its flowering stage 79 weeks after seed sowing. It usually produces almost 200 grams of flower per plant. The proper germination of this seed is difficult for new growers, so be careful and precise.

4. Blueberry Kush Seeds

These seeds have different production rates for indoor and outdoor conditions. Indoor growth produces 400 gram flowers in a square meter area of plants. On the other hand, Outdoor plants reach 600 grams of flower production per square me ter. Blueberry Kush reduces stress and makes the user tension free. It is also beneficial in migraines, ADHD, Nausea and mood disorders.

5. Master Kush/Skunk Kush

Master Kush is made up by combining Skunk and Hindu Kush Strain. It produces a euphoric sense an d has a high impact on mental relaxation. It reduces fatigue and chronic pains. It can also produce dehydration and dizziness effects on human bodies. The flowering time after seeding sowing is between 7 to 9 weeks. Its production rate is high because it h as almost 500 grams of flower from a single plant.

6. Critical Kush Seeds

These seeds are produced by combining Critical Mass Marijuana and OG Kush. Its flowering stage is between 7 to 9 weeks. It is usable in stress, pain, insomnia and sometimes in muscle spasms.

7. Autoflowering Kush Seeds

Flowering Kush Seeds are those seeds that do not need to switch lights to produce flowers. Different seed varieties reside in this range. Kush XL Autoflowering, Hindu Kush Autoflowering, Candy Kush Autoflowering, and Sou r Kush Autoflowering are familiar names of these seeds. They are primarily suitable for the indoor growth of Marijuana plants.