CLIPol Openness Ratings

The CLIPol openness rating system awards each licence a Gold Star, Silver Star, Bronze Star, or no stars, based on our benchmark scores for the licence (see the "Benchmarks" tab of each individual licence page for details on the scoring system). The scores and stars accord to the following criteria:

Openness score
(out of 25)

Gold star

> 22.5

The licence achieves a CLIPol Gold Star rating, the highest standard of openness. An author who releases a works under a Gold Star licence attempts to fully place the work in the world-wide public domain, thereby allowing anyone to freely adapt, remix and redistribute it for any purpose. There are few, if any, obligations. Compatibility issues rarely arise.


Silver star

> 20

The licence achieves a CLIPol Silver Star rating, indicating a high standard of openness. The licence imposes only minor obligations or risks which are unlikely to hinder ordinary use cases of adapting, remixing or redistributing the work.


Bronze star

> 17.5

The licence achieves a CLIPol Bronze Star rating, indicating that it meets the minimum standard necessary to be considered an "open" licence; however, it may impose obligations or risks that prevent some common desirable uses of adapting, remixing, or redistributing the work. Care should be taken to review the licence terms to ensure that the risks are acceptable and to ensure compliance with all obligations.


Not open


The licence is not compliant with the CLIPol minimum standard for an "open" licence. The licence imposes burdensome limitations, obligations or risks. Before using the work, users should carefully review the licence terms to determine whether these burdens are acceptable for the desired type of use.