Our API:

List all licences:

GET http://clipol.org/licences.json:
            "id": "AGPL-3.0",
            "title": "GNU Affero General Public License",
            "version": "3.0"
             "id": "AGPL-3.0+",
             "title": "GNU Affero General Public License",
             "version": "3.0+"

List one type of licence:

Data licences:

GET http://clipol.org/licences.json?domain_data=true:
            "id": "CAN-BC-OGL-1.0",
            "title": "Open Government License for Government of BC Information",
            "version": "1.0"
            "id": "CAN-CGY-TOU",
            "title": "Calgary Public Data Catalogue Terms of Use",
            "version": ""

Similarly, you may filter to only content licences (GET http://clipol.org/licences.json?domain_content=true) or software licences (GET http://clipol.org/licences.json?domain_software=true).

List licences from a particular maintainer:

For example, all Creative Commons licences:

GET http://clipol.org/licences.json?maintainer=Creative+Commons:
            "id": "CC0-1.0",
            "title": "Creative Commons Zero",
            "version": "1.0 Universal"
            "id": "CC-BY-1.0",
            "title": "Creative Commons Attribution",
            "version": "1.0"

Get licence data:

For example, data on the GNU Public Licence v3 (GPL-3.0):

GET http://clipol.org/licences/GPL-3.0.json:
          "id": "GPL-3.0",
          "title": "GNU General Public License",
          "version": "3.0",
          "url": "http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0-standalone.html",
          "maintainer": "Free Software Foundation",
          "maintainer_type": "ngo",
          "domain_data": false,
          "domain_software": true,
          "domain_content": false,
          "compliance": {
            "is_dfcw_compliant": true,
            "is_okd_compliant": false,
            "is_osi_compliant": true
          "rights": {
            "covers_circumventions": true,
            "covers_copyright": true,
            "covers_moral_rights": false,
            "covers_neighbouring_rights": false,
            "covers_patents_explicitly": true,
            "covers_sgdrs": false,
            "covers_trademarks": false,
            "prohibits_commercial_use": false,
            "prohibits_patent_actions": false,
            "prohibits_tpms": false,
            "prohibits_tpms_unless_parallel": false,
            "right_to_distribute": true,
            "right_to_modify": true,
            "right_to_use_and_reproduce": true
          "obligations": {
            "obligation_attribution": false,
            "obligation_copyleft": true,
            "obligation_modifiable_form": true,
            "obligation_notice": true
          "attribution": {
            "attribution_details": null,
            "attribution_type": null
          "copyleft": {
            "copyleft_applies_to": "derivatives",
            "copyleft_engages_on": "distribution"
          "patents": {
            "patent_licence_extends_to": "entire_work",
            "patent_retaliation_applies_to": null,
            "patent_retaliation_upon_counterclaim": false,
            "patent_retaliation_upon_originating_claim": false
          "compatibility": {
            "copyleft_compatible_with_future_versions": false,
            "copyleft_compatible_with_other": null,
            "sublicense_future_versions": false,
            "sublicense_other": ""
          "termination": {
            "termination_automatic": true,
            "termination_discretionary": false,
            "termination_reinstatement": true
          "changes_to_terms": {
            "licence_changes_effective_immediately": false
          "disclaimers": {
            "disclaimer_indemnity": false,
            "disclaimer_liability": true,
            "disclaimer_warranty": true,
            "warranty_noninfringement": false
          "conflict_of_laws": {
            "forum_of": "unspecified",
            "law_of": "unspecified"